Overdesigning is something I try to avoid all the time, but I still get caught in the trap quite a while.

There’s a lot of devops productivity tools out there. AWS codebuild/deploy/pipeline and GitHub are the ones that come to mind immediately but there’s plenty of industry tools out there as well.

That said, when prototyping, there’s something to the Gordian Knot.

When starting a project, there’s hundreds of things that can take up your time that really don’t provide any value. If you’re building something, let what you’re building guide what you should do next.

In my case, you can spend a few hours automating your build process and improving your devops – but for a small prototype that doesn’t even have any logic in it? Throw up a single host and download your code to it every once in a while.

And so, I managed to point myself at actually getting some tangible progress on the small game I’m building:

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