Network programming has sure gotten easier…

Thanks to Alvin’s guide I’ve started learning Node.js (using the Express framework and library).

Last I played around with networking was using the raw websock libraries in C about 10-15 years ago. That was a lot more difficult than it is now, where approximately 10 lines of Javascript server code and 5 lines of Javascript client code is all you need to be passing messages back and forth. This lets developers like me completely ignore the underlying networking layer and focus on building cool applications.

So with some small amount of code I’ve made green circles that can move around and aim. This is the first time in quite a long time that I’ve programmed purely for fun — I can see myself continuing to do so.

(Now trying to get the networking rules to open the port through my ISP, router, and Windows setup was not something I succeeded at. I might just spin up a small remote host for this purpose once I have more of a game around it.)

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