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Well, then.

It’s mid-November, so the crunch of last-minute prep work is in full effect. Of course, that’s the perfect time to procrastinate by working on something I’ve been procrastinating on for too long.

This is my new personal site, for whatever I want to put here. I actually got permission to write this from my current job, so I can even share code snippets (that are from personal projects) It only took 5 months, too. Legal departments are awesome. (I’m not even kidding. If you’re a company with 50k employees, and your legal team can actually look at an individual request for blogging, well, that’s quite a lot of work.)

There’s a lot of parenthesizes in this post. I suppose my current work project trains me to use them all over the place. (Prolog-like languages!) (Or should that be ‘(! prolog-like languages)’?)